15th Annual Switzerland Meeting Trophy

f9ef8e39-93d4-4b88-a30a-afcb8657bd23What is this you ask? It is the Amazing Race for the meeting industry!  And boy was it amazing!!  I travelled from Zurich to Bassel to Bad Ragaz to St. Mortiz in 5 days with over 100 industry planners and buyers from 8 different countries.  We travelled by plane, boat, train and metro competing in fun challenges along the way and learning all about what Switzerland has to offer.  Team North America (which consisted of 10 Americans and 2 Canadians) had never won the Meeting Trophy before…but guess what….WE DID!.  We saw so much beautiful scenery along the way, cows with bells everywhere and of course ate amazing swiss cheese at every meal.  The highlight of the trip was our final night’s dinner atop the Morteratsch Glacier where we started the evening with fondue on the terrace (which is basically the side of the glacier), heard traditional Swiss Alphorn musicians and had an incredible meal while overlooking the most magnificent views and sunset on the mountain.  I simply can’t wait to go back again, I feel like I was in a Disney Fairy-tale with all of the beautiful landscapes and buildings.

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